FX Artist

FX · Vancouver, British Columbia
Department FX
Employment Type Full-Time

* Work From Home (Remote Position).

* Must be willing to relocate to BC (if applicable). 



  • Ability to complete a wide range of effects in a timely and efficient manner that meets the quality bar of the given project as well as accurately meeting the description of the given task with little or no direct guidance.
  • Comfortable working on multiple projects on multiple differing pipelines that each have their own unique visual requirements.
  • Should be striving to broaden their FX skillset through attempting new techniques to achieve more complex effects either through R&D work or with guidance from a more senior artist. This includes learning the use of new software packages.
  • Use of file management and naming conventions should fit each project to avoid any issues with data delivery scripts. If they deviate from this in order to reduce caching times they are expected to clean up their files.
  • An FX Artist should be fluent enough in the software packages they use to not become entirely blocked by a reasonable technical problem that would cause their work to halt without outside help.
  • Must excel at revising effects based on feedback or notes in as few iterations as possible and have no issue or resistance to this.
  • Should be comfortable taking charge of following up on collaborative effects that requirement involvement from other departments and ensure that their assigned task is followed through to completion.


  • College diploma or equivalent in 3D computer graphics/3D animation
  • Animation production experience with Houdini Mantra 
  • Previous experience doing FX work.
  • Have experience and an interest in cartoony style
  • Solid drawing skill
  • Strong communication skills and must be able to work well within a team

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