Production Manager

Production · Vancouver, British Columbia
Department Production
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Experienced

Job Description

Candidates must have the ability to obtain a valid BC work permit / PR / Citizenship.


  • Production Experience 
  • Knowledge of Shotgun
  • 3D or CG Experience 
  • Proficient in Word, Excel and Final Draft
  • Needs to be able to work evenings when needed

Daily Brief

  • Provide Producer rundown on priorities for design and modeling schedule before dailies. 
  • Discuss any pending issues from previous day. 
  • Discuss any meetings or calls we have planned for the day and if we need to prepare anything additional for them.

Asset Coordination

  • Checking in with design and modeling each day to ensure we are on track. Cross referencing the schedule and Shotgun to ensure we can deliver on time. If we have any issues the coordinator will try to solve them and when necessary bring them to the Producer.
  • Make appropriate changes to modeling once a week with Asset Supervisor. 
  • Add new Assets to Design and Modeling schedule to review with Producer.
  • Add new Assets to Shotgun. 
  • Ensuring all approved concepts are uploaded to Shotgun. 
  • Add approved textured turn around and model sheets to correct folders.
  • Tag all assets ready for new episodes starting in Animation with the Art Director and the episode Lead. 
  •  Deliver assets to the client when the Art Director has approved them. (Via FTP)


  • You will be responsible for ensuring all deliveries are posted in to the FTP or sent via WE TRANSFER to the client. Always double check what you are sending before you send it. 

Scheduling Meetings

  • Schedule meetings using Google calendar when requested by the Producer, Director or Supervisors. 

Dailies Notes 

  • When reviewing animatics and animation internally, add the notes into Shotgun and tag the appropriate department. Send the shot back to the correct department to be fixed. Change status of shot. 
  • Ensure all design and modeling team are present for Asset dailies and have submitted their work for review into the folder.  
  • Run the projector during Asset dailies. 
  • Set up animation review and animatic review on the projector in the theatre ready for the review.
  • Using the “Notes” App on Shotgun, take detailed notes on the Lighting shots in dailies that are up for review, flip the status as requested. 
  • Tag P1, P2 or P3 when requested in Lighting dailies. Tag for editorial fix when requested. 


  • Tagging FX shots and add the notes to shotgun. (Before every FX callout)
  • Using Shotgun pages be aware of department progress. Track and update lighting google doc after each dailies. 
  • Tagging assets for animation.
  • Duplicating the “Directors and Artist” pages and adjusting the episodes. Then ensure the director has been tagged in both “Layout and Animation” on the episodes shots page.
  •  Flip Assets to approved when we internally approved them in dailies or Disney approved when the client has approved them.


  • Take relevant notes during any meetings that require it. Type notes and put in dailies folder for all to refer to if needed. 

Client Notes

  • When any client notes are received, discuss the ones the director would like added to shotgun, add them to Shotgun and internal notes tracker for the relevant department (Design, Modeling, Animation, Lighting etc). 
  • Update client design notes tracker for design team when client notes are received.
  • Add notes to tracking sheet with shot codes as well as time codes. 


  • When the Producer issues new schedules, upload them to Shotgun and email them out. 
  • Being very aware of all schedules, deadlines and delivery dates. 


  • Ensure Storyboard and Design teams receive printed copies of scripts
  • Print scripts for Producer and production binder.
  • Read through script, familiarize with all assets. 
  • Watch storyboard animatic and check all Assets are accounted for and ready for layout / animation to begin.


  • Assist with Shotgun pages where necessary. 
  • Check office supplies and ensure we always have printer ink and paper.
  • Assist with any other paperwork, script or Asset issues that may arise.  
  • Assist Geoff with design production
  • Assist with animation tracker.
  • General paperwork filing.
  • Opening / closing
  • Update and print timesheets every Friday and prep for Producer to sign.
  • Update episode credits list.
  • Assist with QC data entry and paperwork.


  • At the end of every day the Coordinator will and Producer will debrief and discuss any issues that may need resolved and reflect on the day. We will then discuss what we have planned for the following day and do any preparation that is needed. 

*Valid open Canadian work permit required for this position

*Previous BC residence preferred

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