nDynamic / CFX / Shot Finaling Artist

Shot Finaling Technical Animation · Vancouver, British Columbia
Department Shot Finaling Technical Animation
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Experienced

*Work from home. Must be eligible to work in Canada. 

*Must be willing to relocate to BC (if applicable).


Junior nDynamic / CFX / Shot Finaling Artist

  • Knowledge of Maya
  • Basic animation skills, modeling skills.
  • Knowledge of graph editor
  • Able to follow instructions closely.


  • Achieves shot quota targets
  • Polish already established animations including geometry crashing and animation pops/errors.
  • Comfortable in overtime scenarios
  • Identify issues and relay them to team members

Intermediate nDynamic / CFX / Shot Finaling Artist

  • Great working knowledge of Maya constraints and deformers (native or pipeline)
  • Able to use animation layer to add subtle modifications
  • Need to know how to use Studio Library or PAIE well.
  • Have a good understanding of studios rigged dynamic system as well as most of the underlying attributes that affect the simulation. (nHair/nCloth)
  • Have the ability to use sim to create wind force, flying, swimming dynamic features.
  • Have the ability to solve minor issues from different departments: Small weight painting, replace assets, manually cache characters or assets, and so on.


  • Fine-tune simulation values to achieve desired results by the productions.
  • Make appropriate decisions for minor fixing issues and take responsibility for such decisions.


Senior nDynamic / CFX / Shot Finaling Artist

  • Coding knowledge. Need to understand and be able to write a function for fixing multiple shots.
  • Rigging knowledge. Need to understand how rigs are rigged in our studio. Sometimes you have to rebuild dynamic for individual shots.
  • Able apply Maya dynamics nodes on the fly
  • Require animation skills for animating natural looking hair/skirts.
  • Requires modelling skills for smoothing mesh topology / making sure texture is not stretched
  • Has the ability to troubleshoot major issues from different departments.


  • Create a function or a tool for helping team to fix shots in shortest time.
  • Fix animation errors, need to correct animation without breaking the silhouette
  • Using dynamic well to achieve advanced simulation
  • Create ripples and water splashes.
  • Have good imagination for simulation and can do draw over.
  • Establish countermeasures during major pipeline breakdown.
  • Be able to solve shot issues between different departments 
  • Reviewing and approving shots

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  • Location
    Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Department
    Shot Finaling Technical Animation
  • Employment Type
  • Minimum Experience